"Girl in the Courtyard" Giclee with added paint by Lisa on  24" x 36" canvas      $650

Limited 1/1 available direct 

rt L I S A   G I N D I

"Upper West Side Walk" Giclee with paint. Not in Stock. Special order only for this art piece in size 24" x 36"  $550

"Girl in the Museum" Giclee Print on Archival photo paper in Gold Bevelled Frame with white border  is   31" x  43 "   total dimensions and glare free, Museum glass.        $800 Limited edition 1/1 available.

"Friends' is a Giclee with paint by Lisa and glass beads and stones adhered to embellish.  It has black sides and is 18" x 36" with 1 1/4 inch sides  $750 Limited edition and available direct from the artist's studio. 

​Lisa creates unique "shabby-chic" paintings that are both modern and vintage in appeal, which is inspired by her love of fashion-advertising.  She celebrates beauty, adornment, architecture, and various cultural styles in her work.  They are available by private appointment, only.  Her Giclees with paint she adds to embellish are limited editions and select pieces are in stock. 

"Summer Love" Giclee with added paint by Lisa on  24 "x 36 " canvas          $700 Limited edition 1/1 available direct from Lisa's studio.

​​​​​"Girl in the Forest"   Giclee with added paint by Lisa on  24" x 36" canvas.        $600 Limited Edition 1/1 available.

  • Captain Bacardi4:29
  • Mas Que Nada2:37
  • Look to the Sky2:20
  • S? Tinha de Ser Com Voc?3:52
  • The Red Blouse5:09
  • Consolacao2:27
  • Sozinho3:10
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