"Breathless" is a Masterpiece original painting of Eva Mendez-actress, posing for a magazine ad, with beautiful dimensional tiles and design on all sides . It is 18" x 24" canvas   $1,500

"New York Drive" is a Masterpiece pop-art painting of New York City and an "F-type" sportscar that is in acrylic paint.  It is 36" x 36" x 3/4 " depth sides that have continual design.          $5,000

Earlier Painting

​Lisa creates unique "shabby-chic" paintings that are both modern and vintage in appeal, which is inspired by her love of fashion-advertising.  She celebrates beauty, adornment, architecture , and various cultural styles in her work.  

"Pop Star " is a Giclee, limited edition, 1/1,  done on stretched canvas. It is  24" x 30"" in size.     $1,100

  "Haute Monde Pursuit" is a e 26 1/4" x 38 1/4 x 1 1/2" sides  Masterpiece original acrylic mixed media and glass stones  painting with floater frame $10,000

Commissoned art with painted image

Or, an option is to purchase "New York Drive" as a Limited 1/1 Giclee (in stock) with clear paint "touched by the artist".   It is 48" x 48" x 1/2" on stratched canvas.          $1,000

*Featured on Bayside Live TV 2016 filming of BHS art show*  Bob Marley, Judge Not" Acrylic paint Masterpiece on canvas and collaged image of artist's first single record before he joined up with The Wailers .  It is 24" x 30" on canvas, with tons of "bling" stones adhered, and continuous design on sides .  It is a very luxurious and fancy piece of artwork to add to your collection.   ***Lisa's favorite portrait from the entire Glitz collection, as she discovered Bob Marley's music visiting friends in Chico, CA, and she cannot really part with it....., but,  is currently offering $1500 to an interested collector.****

West Africa Elephant is a 16" x 20" x 1/2" 

that has acrylic, museum quality Paint with stones on canvas. The sides are all painted and there is no need for a frame. 

"Indian Princess" is a Masterpiece original mixed/media painting that is approximately 36" x 24"         $1500

"Upper West Side Walk" Masterpiece original painting on canvas in size 24' x 36'    $1800

"Girl in the Courtyard" Giclee with added paint by Lisa on  24" x 36' canvas      $650

West Africa is a 16" x 36" x 1/12" that has acrylic, museum quality Paint with images collaged and stones on canvas. The sides are all painted and there is no need for a frame. $500  

"Fashion in the City" UV and acid free Giclee 12" x 10" x 1/2" with paint and stones and mirrors and chain that has a semi gloss finish "touched by artist".    $260  


Commissioned Sports art starting at $500.

#Earlier Pencil Works  These are four of the ten drawings Lisa brought to Fashion Institute of Technology (SUNY) and was accepted into the university to study fashion design. She studied illustration, sewing/draping, and pattern making for one year at FIT.  This was after majoring in art in high school and middle school. She loved going in the summers during her high school years to take Saturday courses at FIT in fashion illustration where she learned how to draw croqui’s and faces with colored pencils and interior design where she learned to do floor plans to scale.  It was back in the mid 1980's. Lisa graduated from FIT with a four year BS in Sales/Marketing and, then, went on to major in Education at Adelphi University in Soho and obtain her MS Degree. 

"Summer Love" Giclee with added paint by Lisa on  24"x 36' canvas          $700

 “Lady of Morrocco" is a Masterpiece original mixed/media painting that is approximately 28 ” x 52” x 1 1/4” with Modern/Antique frame.  $8,750

​Contact us at  Info@LisaGindiArt.com, at   Lisa_Gindi@Yahoo.com, or, at (347) 768-4043

Please press "like"on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, blog with us on Tumblr, and check out our uTube videos. See you at our next show.

Close-up Trumpet player with collage inside and stones along instrument. 

"Vette Sunsett" is a Masterpiece painting that comes ready to hang with a pressed brown, wooden frame. It is 26" x 32"  $500

"New York Nightlife" is a Masterpiece and one of a kind. It SOLD and is no longer available.

"Girl in the Museum" Giclee Print in Gold Bevelled Frame which is   31 " x  43 "           $800

 Masterpiece pop-art, abstract painting in museum quality acrylic paint of a fancy sports car in Times Square, with all the famous Broadway shows. There is continual design.   It is 36" x 36" x 3/4 " on canvas and wired installation so ready to put on your wall in your favorite space        $5000

L I S A   G I N D I

Bob Marley to Remember acrylic and mixed media collage on canvas and 20" x 30" with continuous that design on sides.  $600 

"Mysterious Woman" is a Masterpiece collage of a famous singer and stones attached, with an antique/-finished, modern edge frame that totals in size to   28" x 22".       $2,200

"Palm Springs Getaway" mixed media collage and acrylic paints with glass beads and colored stones on campus $1200

"Put it in the Bag" is a Masterpiece painting with collaged images on canvas. It  is 26" x 20".      $900

**Featured on Bayside Live TV"** This unique Giclee abstract has images with paint added by the artist of Hip Hop singers and fashion icons with glass beads, mirrors, and chain. The three dimensional "bling" is adhered on and varnished for sturdiness. and giving it that vintage appeal.  It features impeccable paint outlining and little "diamond-like" stones that go all around a high end fashion watch, with all black treated sides.  It is  24" x 18" on canvas.   Limited 1/1   $1200   The Masterpiece original that was a bit smaller and continual design on side SOLD.

Commission of "Bob Marley To Love" a picture collage with gold outlining, glass beads, colored stones and chain on canvas. 20" x 30" x 1/2" 

"Girl on the Beach" Masterpiece original with acrylic paint and collage. It is 16" x 20" on  canvas,with design on all sides. $650

"Man of Many Hats" is a Giclee with added painting in 16" x 13"  $500

"Celeb Jewelry Box" is a one of a kind, 3-drawer box with fashion charms and glass beaded knobs to put your favorite, things. It is  4" x 3" x 3" in size.   $600

"Nude Profilel" is a Masterpiece painting encased in a stunning modern/antique finished frame to match and is 21" x 28" $1,550

"NYC Skyline" is a Giclee with paint by the artist iIt is 24" x 36"   $700

"Fashion in the City" Masterpiece Acrylic and glitz paint with round glass mirrors and chain inside a modern antique-finish frame 18" x 12" x 1" an ready to hang.  $ 990

"Girl in the Forest"   Giclee with added paint by Lisa on  24"x 36' canvas.        $600

"Shoeboot" is a Masterpiece painting with collaged images from magazines. It is 16" x 20".    $950

No longer available "Indian Girls Dish" is a Masterpiece collaged dish. SOLD

"Barrett Box"  collaged images of little girl things and pearls with stones adhered      $200


Commissioned Pet art.  By order , call 347-768-4043 or email request at Lisa _Gindi@yahoo.com

"Lady in the Entrance" Masterpiece original painting done in acrylic paint and metallic with some gold acrylic based glitter paint outlining on the chandlers and silver on her gown.  $3190 

Pop-Magazine inspired hat box.Funky charms and stones adhered to acrylic paintings with collage.$350

Close-up of Duke on piano with collage inside and Bass player.

"Brooklyn Bridge" is a Masterpiece painting with acrylic paint, chain, stones and collaged fashion images from high end magazines and modern NYC structures. It is 24" x 36" on canvas.  $13,000

Commissoned art with painted image of owner's dog.

"Nude Frontal" is a Masterpiece painting with  a stunning modern/antique finished frame to match and is 21" x 28"  $1,600

​"Cosmic Stunner" One of a kind Masterpiece original acrylic painting on canvas which is 36" x 36" x 3/4". The sides have a continuous, modern, design.    $2500

*To our collectors, art dealers, decorators and gallery curators, please feel free to email us.  Just go to our "Contacts" page and fill out our form or send a separate email to info@LisaGindiArt.com or to Lisa_Gindi@Yahoo.com to set up an appointment for a consultation and studio tour of Lisa Gindi's Pop-Fashion, Fine Art paintings. If you would like to call or text, the number is (347) 768-4043.

**We are located in Flushing, Queens, New York, only a 20 minute ride from Midtown (the 59th Street Bridge/east side of Manhattan). Free shuttle bus from the train in Forest Hills is available. Please inquire.

Also, we are right off The Grand Central Parkway and The Van Wyck Expressway, as well as moments away from The Jackie Robinson Expressway, and the Long Island Expressway. 

West African Dance is a 16" x 36" x 1/12" that has acrylic, museum quality Paint with images collaged and stones on canvas. The sides are all painted and there is no need for a frame.


​​​​​​"Hat Box" SOLD/not available but can be special ordered as a High End Giclee print on canvas that has 3-D stones added by artist and acid free, UV varnish or with frame and glare-less, museum glass, that is signed by the artist on the back. priced at $260 to $1200 depending on size.  Please email the artist info@LisaGindiArt.com

"Party Break" is a Masterpiece original painting  It is a 24 " x 36" acrylic on canvas.​    $600

"Friends" is an 18' x 36  Giclee on canvas with paint by Lisa that is a special order  $750

  • Captain Bacardi4:29
  • Mas Que Nada2:37
  • Look to the Sky2:20
  • S? Tinha de Ser Com Voc?3:52
  • The Red Blouse5:09
  • Consolacao2:27
  • Sozinho3:10

"No, no" is a Masterpiece painting of Gaga with collaged images of woofers and textured leather and stones for her jacket . It is 30" x 24" in size.       $5000

The limited Giclees with paint on canvas and museum paper are SOLD

"Audrey in Cinema" Mixed Media collage on canvas with continual design of famous actress with glass stones, glass mirrors and chain $600

Commissioned Pet art.  By order only, info@LisaGindiArt.com 

​​Duke Ellington and his Orchestra in New York Harbor acrylic painting with mixed media images of Duke Ellington Louis Armstrong and Count Basie and others collage inside silhouette with glass beads, Artist;s personal collection of vintage charms, fabric and porcelain flowers and colored stone in a 36" x 48" x 2" canvas with black acrylic painted that is wire-ready to hang. $2500

"Skull Style" One of a kind Masterpiece Painting and Collaged images of a prior Lisa Gindi painting ....smaller cut outs of Hip Hop artists and fashion icon. Lisa Used on a Larger scale... This 24" x 36" Masterpiece original work features impeccable outlining and three dimensional teeth with white painted sides .    $350

"Twin Towers and the City" Vintage painting Circa 1991 that Lisa Gindi painted with her Glitz style of art that she had used on her Lisa Robin Design painted shirts and swim suit coverups.               $10,000 and is being donated, soon. 

Commissioned Sports art starting at $500.

"Lady Hampton II" is a Masterpiece painting of 24" x 36" on stretched canvas . $7,500

 "Mom and Daughters" is a Giclee with paint by Lisa. It is 16' x 20 " on  canvas with design on all sides (as all her works have) it This is a special order work. $500  SOLD

"Marilyn" Masterpiece on Canvas  of Collaged images from featured magazine issue with paint of Beauty Icon fashion icon with colored stoness, mirrors, and chain. It features impeccable outlining and stones around vintage printed photography.  It is approximately  24" x 30" on canvas, with black sides .         $550.     SOLD

"Lady Hampton I " is a Masterpiece painting of 24" x 36" on stretched canvas . $7,000

Commissioned by Gregg Sullivan for The Center for the Arts in Bayside. Installation at Bayside Live TV studio on Bell Boulevard. 

"Pop Star" is a Masterpiece Mixed media painting with center profile painted by hand and mixed media collage of the famous pop star's life and achievements in the music industry. Comes with a gorgeous god wooden frame and ready to hang in size 33" x 30" and 1/12" sides.

"Fashion Vase"  Masterpiece, glass vase that is one of a kind by Lisa Gindi with collage and stones.   10" H x 7" W x 7" D   $250


​"Desert Love " is a Masterpiece    $1,200  SOLD  Only available in a limited Giclee with paint added by the artist on special order starting at $260 for an 12" x 18" on canvas. Frames are additionally in price. Please call 347-768-4043 to order yours or email us at Lisa_Gindi@yahoo.com .  

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