"Rarri In Times Square" is an abstract of the energy and bright lights of Broadway. A look at a gorgeous sports car driving next to bright, lit billboards and modern advertising in Times Square. Its a museum quality Acrylic paint Masterpiece which Lisa loves as it has a matte/modern finish that is 36" x 36" on canvas with continual design on sides.    $5000

"New York Drive" is a very unique and hot take on NYC with a fancy sports car done in Acrylic. It is the Masterpiece that is 36" x 36" on canvas with continual design on sides.    $5000.  

rt L I S A   G I N D I

  • Captain Bacardi4:29
  • Mas Que Nada2:37
  • Look to the Sky2:20
  • S? Tinha de Ser Com Voc?3:52
  • The Red Blouse5:09
  • Consolacao2:27
  • Sozinho3:10

"No,No !!"  is a hip pop-style painting in  Acrylic and high end fashion magazine collage with stones Masterpiece that is 24" x 30" on canvas with continual design on sides.    $5000

"King of Pop" is a wonderful collector's item that is a limited edition and extremely rare as it is a 1/1, only one has been made.... of the masterpiece original that is a high end Giclee on thick pine wood with added paint and stones  by the artist. This 36" x 36" on canvas with black sides has a great UV protectant in a  egg shell finish top coat that was also applied by hand.     $1100

‚Äč"Cosmic Stunner" One of a kind Masterpiece original acrylic painting on canvas which is 36" x 36" x 3/4". The sides have a continuous, modern, design.    $2500

"Brooklyn Bridge and The City" is a 24" x 36" Masterpiece Original in Acrylic and mixed media that has magazine parts and stones collaged together with chain and glitz paint outlining.  There is nothing like this painting anywhere.  It is very unique and special with a 3 D look.  $13,000.  

Made the front page news three times in New York...."NYC Skyline" is a Giclee with paint by the artist iIt is 24" x 36"   $700

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