• Captain Bacardi4:29
  • Mas Que Nada2:37
  • Look to the Sky2:20
  • S? Tinha de Ser Com Voc?3:52
  • The Red Blouse5:09
  • Consolacao2:27
  • Sozinho3:10

​​​​​"Girl in the Forest"   Giclee with added paint by Lisa on  24"x 36' canvas.        $600

"Summer Love" Giclee with added paint by Lisa on  24"x 36' canvas          $700

"Upper West Side Walk" Masterpiece original painting on canvas in size 24' x 36'    $1800

"Girl in the Courtyard" Giclee with added paint by Lisa on  24" x 36' canvas      $650

"Friends" is an 18' x 36  Giclee on canvas with paint by Lisa that is a special order


"Girl in the Museum" Giclee Print in Gold Bevelled Frame which is   31 " x  43 "           $800

rt L I S A   G I N D I

​Lisa creates unique "shabby-chic" paintings that are both modern and vintage in appeal, which is inspired by her love of fashion-advertising.  She celebrates beauty, adornment, architecture , and various cultural styles in her work.  

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