2015 Gregg Sullivan interviews Lisa Gindi and publishes the interview on Bayside Live TV of Lisa's collection of art at The Sephardic Community Center on Ocean Parkway, in Brooklyn, New York.


*Instagram- Lisa Robin Gindi and Paintings4Sale
*Facebook at Lisa Robin Gindi (profile page) and Lisa Gindi Art (art page)
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*Lincoln Continental Showroom, Huntington, New York

2014 The Castle Show in Bayside, New York. Lisa's two painting submissions went into Bayside Live TV's front page news , a publication by Gregg Sullivan, who discovered Lisa's work.

2015 Aperture Bistro in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, NY Photo of Lisa Gindi by her Fashion-Glitz art with Marc Franco, (left) aka, ArtbyMarcF, and Mike Mongello aka "Super-Monge" (right). 

​​​ 2019 Gregg Sullivan interviews Lisa Gindi at The Castle in Fort Totten for the Bayside Historical Society Annual Art Exhibit.

2019 Lisa's art collection showed for months at The Supper Room on Bell Boulevard in Bayside,  New York.   In this photo, Margarita Parlionas who displayed Lisa's art.

2015 The Brooklyn Eagle published Lisa's art on the front page. "Glitz-A Glamorous Look at the City... Lisa Gindi is known for her dynamic and colorful acrylic/ mixed-media paintings. Don’t miss this exhibit", was written on the pages to follow.

2019 and earlier ...Lady Hampton I & II exhibited in six shows, including at The Sephardic Community Center in Brooklyn, NY. 


*BMW/Mini Cooper Showroom Habberstad, Huntington, New York

*Jaguar/Landrover Showroom, Huntington, New York
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2019 Lisa's newest Duke Ellington Exhibited at The Supper Room in Bayside, NY ..which is a pop media painting  for sale, Queens, New York.

Lisa's collectors purchased her 3 Giclees-with paint (she adds), works of art at her Faith Art Gallery, Jay Street (near Fulton) Brooklyn Heights reception in 2014 .

1985 Lisa was awarded The Saint Gardens Bronze Medal and certificate at The Metropolitan Museum of Art for best artist. The display of fashion sketches with colored pencils Lisa did were exhibited at Edward R. Murrow High School in Brooklyn, NY.

2013 The Castle Show in Bayside, New York published Lisa's art in The Bayside Times Ledger.

Past Exhibitions​​ and Noteriety

*St Gardens Brass Medal and Certificate, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, NY. 

*St. Nicolas Of Tolentine, Kew Garden Hills, NY 
*Metropolitan Museum of Art-NYC NY-St. Gaudens Medal and Award Winning Certificate 

*Faith Art Gallery-Downtown, Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn, NY

*The Sephardic Community Center on Ocean Parkway Gallery and Reception show-Brooklyn, NY

*Bayside Historical Society Competition & Gallery-Queens, NY 

*East Harlem ​El Barrio Art Project-NYC, NY Display 
*Fine Art America Online Gallery 

*Bayside Live TV Production Studio, Bell Blvd., Bayside, NY

*The Center for the Arts in Bayside has Lisa's Brooklyn Bridge Giclee with paint as a donation for fund raising

  which is a Limited Edition piece and a Restored, antique lamp she made as a donation. 

*Bayside Live TV Documentary movie online of Lisa Gindi Glitz Collection Paintings and mixed Media works,

  Bayside, NY.

*Edward R. Murrow Display-Brooklyn, NY

*John Jay High School- Lobby and Hallway Showcases, Park Slope, Brooklyn, , NY

*Fashion Institute of Technology-Display and competition/application NYC, NY

*Aperture Bistro/Banquet & Lounge/Bar-Reception and one month Display-Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, NY.
*Delray Beach Fair-DB, Florida 

*K C C Fair-Brooklyn, NY

*Bellmore Fair-Bellmore-LI, NY

*Westbury Private Showing-*Meadowbrook Point, private showing Westbury-LI, NY

*Kew Garden Hills Private Showing-Queens, NY

*Legends Salon Display --Mill Basin, Brooklyn, NY

*Safari Beach Club-Bayside, Display Bayside , Queens, NY

2019 News Story by reporter, Jenna Bagcal of Lisa Gindi and her Marilyn Monroe painting In The Bayside Times Ledger and QNS.com

2016  Bayside Times Ledger news, (page 2) about The Castle Show in Bayside, New York.

*Brighton Beach Fair-Brooklyn, NY
*Canarsie Fair-Brooklyn, NY
*Midwood Fair-Brooklyn, NY
*Allan & Suzi Boutique, Showcase Brooklyn, NY
*Bayside Times Ledger Publication 2012, 2013, 2016, and 2019
*The Brooklyn Eagle Art Section Publication Front Page of Lisa Gindi Art NYC Skyline, Brooklyn Heights, New York
*Downtown Brooklyn Magazine  Front Page of Lisa Gindi Art NYC Skyline Online Publication, Brooklyn, NY
* Queens.Com and The Bayside Times Ledger 2019 article  page 6 published an article about Lisa's art and photos Marilyn Monroe
*The Supper Room International Bar & Restaurant Solo Reception 2019
*The Queens Chronical List of Events 2019
*Instagram display and sales Paintings4sale_lisa_gindi page and LisaRobinGindi page
*Go Daddy Website Showcase and Sales

 Contact Lisa at info@LisaGindiArt.com for details about adding to your collection. 

 May 13, 2019. Guests who are collectors and art lovers at The Supper Room for Lisa Gindi's reception.

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